Sunday, 28 October 2012

a bit of nature...

Amager Fælled
Just a couple of pictures that I took this week during a walk through Amagerfælledparken. I already wrote about missing some nature living in the centre of Copenhagen, so therefore Amagerfælled is a little nice spot for me personally here in Copenhagen. Although I do not like the fact that you still can see all the tall buildings from Ørested etc. and hear the traffic noise. But it is a nice park for a Sunday afternoon walk.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

gallery opening - Marius Budu

Last week, my friend Catalin invited me to a gallery opening event where he was taking pictures.
So I went to Galleri Krebsen situated in Studiestræde with one of my friends and we really liked the photographies by Marius Budu.
It was a lovely opening with a stunning performance by the handstand contortionist Julia Schmidt which was accompanied by Moa Karlsson on the cello (music written by William Smith who was there as well).
I was truely fascinated by Julia Schmidt. It is amazing how she can bend her body in every direction and express so much through that. Before I saw her, I had never really heard of contortionism but it is interesting art.

Catalin gave me some of the pictures he took, so I can use them for this post ... thank you very much, Catalin :-)


on the left: William Smith, on the right: Marius Budu

Friday, 5 October 2012

People who inspire me ... (part 1)


I decided to start this "people who inspire me..." series and the first person I want to praise is the singer-songwriter Leslie Feist, known as Feist to her fans :-)

I had known her for some time but I really discovered her only recently when I bought her latest album "metals" and fell in love with it. That was when I suddenly understood her music and her style. That was definitely a great moment for me. It is hard to describe but you simply need to listen to her music, preferably sitting on your window sill with a nice cup of tea and rainy weather outside.