Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kerwa! - a festivity you should not miss

It has taken me some time now to get around to writing a new post but here it comes - a post about Kerwa in Franconia.

Kerwa is the Franconian word for Kirchweih. For hundreds of centuries, the Kirchweih has been celebrated, originally in order to consecrate a church (Kirche = church, Weihe = consecration) but in the course of time, the religious aspect has been neglected. Nowadays it is a nice get-together for people of every age. It is also a good opportunity to wear your traditional/local garb. 
You can see me (on the left) with my sister in our Dirndl and Lederhosen (yes, girls can wear them nowadays, too .. but in former times, this would not have been appropriate). You have to apologise the bad quality of the picture but taken with a mobile, you cannot expect much.

We were at the Kerwa in Gunzenhausen which has had a tradition of more than 600 years. There is always a huge beer tent where you can eat and drink, well drink mostly ;-), and there is also live music in the evening. Furthermore, there is a wine tent as well as many food stands and funfair rides. And, of course, a parade makes these fun days perfect. So enjoy some impressions of the parade.

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