Sunday, 19 January 2014

Incredibly beautiful music made in Bavaria

This will just be a short post but a good one :-) with a cracking music tip!!
Until last Friday night, I did not know that this band existed but as I was zapping my way through the channels and got stuck on one programme showing musicians from Bavaria, I saw them. And I fell for them immediately!!!

The sensational, incredible, daredevil Moonband !!!

Living years abroad in Copenhagen, I have been out of touch with the local music scene at home in Bavaria and to be honest ... I simply did not know that there was such great music at home. But now I know better and I want to share it with you! Check them out on youtube and buy their albums. They are a must in your album collection! 

The Moonband - Boogeyman

The Moonband - Joänne

Enjoy!! :-)

Yours, Kat

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