Sunday, 9 February 2014

Thomas Brun - music made with blood, sweat and tears

In October 2011, I was lucky enough to go to a bar in Copenhagen called 'den glade gris' (the happy pig). As I entered the bar with my friend, I could hear someone playing the guitar. When we finally approached the small stage, my friend and I were really fascinated by this musician.
A good-looking man with curly, brown hair and black old Converse shoes on playing his guitar. Several loops arranged around him and a harmonica on a holder around his neck. It all might appear as if he is another one of these musician who roam the bars night after night playing shabby cover versions of famous songs.
Well, admittedly, he did play cover versions of other people's songs but his way of singing them was quite unique and still is today. It doesn't get boring and it is never bad.
The name of this man? Thomas Brun! I was even more lucky to get into a conversation with him and we sort of became friends. Everytime he came back to Copenhagen to play gigs at den glade gris, we met up and hung out at those weekends. That is why I can tell you that he is an musician to the core.

But he does not only cover songs, he also wrote his own songs, went to the US and recorded and produced an album there. 

You can read his story on his website. There you can also find current dates for his gigs in Paris.

And to give you a taste of what to expect when you go and see him live, there are some clips on youtube.

Hope you are enjoying his music. His album "all" can be bought on amazon and iTunes.

Yours, Kat :-)

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