Sunday, 23 September 2012

a healthier life

As you get older, you start to think more about life and the way you live it.
I am 25 years old now and I know that there is still a lot that I want to do and discover. Living in the centre of Copenhagen, I have felt a bit stressed out lately and missed a quiet life and nature.
So sometimes I dream of living a quiet life in the country where I am surrounded by nature. Preferably in Bavaria where I come from. Here is a lovely picture of the Bavarian countryside:
On the other hand, though, I should be grateful for my present life here in Copenhagen with all my lovely friends, exciting spare time and new adventures.
Right now, I am somewhere in my life where I am still trying to figure out who I am exactly and that is an interesting stage and journey.
One thing that I would like to change in my life is that I am healthier in general. I often suffer from tonsillitis, colds, tiredness and so on. I feel as if I could have a healthier, more balanced life and that is why I have started to read more about natural medicine, medicinal herbs and healthy lifestyles.
Today I want to share this website that I came across and that I really like.
I hope some of you like it as well and find it inspirational to think about a healthier life.
I guess that if you are from the country and live in a city, you miss the quiet country life and you long for it. I am interested in your opinions. Please share and write me :)

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