Saturday, 8 September 2012

Something about me ...

One of my good friends liked the idea that I started a blog. Unfortunately, I had to admit that I was not really good at bearing up my blog because I was busy or had no clue what to write about.
So my friend just said that I should write about me and my everyday life. It could be interesting to some people in the world out there.
Alrighty, so here we go ... I would like to write a bit more about one topic, namely: Psoriasis. I have had this skin disease since I was nine years old. And for me personally, it would be very interesting to get responses back from people all over the world with the same problem. Or some who have good friends or family with this problem.

In April, I had another episode and the psoriasis came back after two years. Mainly on my hands where everyone can see it, so I often feel uncomfortable when people looke at my hands. I also have some tiny spots of Pso in my face and on my legs but I'm still fighting them with a cortison ointment.
But as we all know: cortison is not a solution in the long run. Therefore, I decided to start taking the Fumaderm tablets again. I took them about two years ago and the psoriasis disappeared after only three weeks.
This all sounds amazingly good but I must say that these tablets came with some strong byeffects. Everytime I took them, I had to lay down for an hour because I had an almost unbearable strong headache and pretty intense hot flushes. I know that I might should have stopped taking Fumaderm but I could also see the progress on my skin.

So now, after light treatments and cortison ointments, I am so fed up of having Pso that I decided to take the tablets again. My doctor gave me prescription but warned me, however, that I should not continue taking them if byeffects appear. Moreover, I have to make very sure that I am not ill (which is hard for me since I always have a bit of a cold).

I will start taking Fumaderm on Monday and will hopefully update my blog with my experience. Anyone out there with experiences with Fumaderm? Would be interesting to hear.


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