Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mission impossible: finding a flat in Copenhagen

For a good four weeks now have I been trying to find a flat or a room to rent in Copenhagen. I would like to stay living in the centre but some outskirts would do it for me as well. Some others, however, are simply too far out and too ugly. I looked at one room on Sunday .. I did not feel as if I was still in Copenhagen.
At the moment, I am crashing on my friend's couch (thanks a lot Ricky :) ) and it is really frustrating that I am spending money on websites like, or when no one replies or the flats or rooms are mysteriously already rented out the very same day the ads for them have been put onto the websites.
I am very fed up with this situation at the moment. Just keep hoping that a nice flat or room is coming up soon and is worth all that trouble.


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